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It’s hard to sum up my career and vision in a few lines…

But let’s just say I’m passionate!

Of course, I love music and technique but most definitely I love seeing the effect my work has on people.

For me the real payback is not found in the likes or fancy selfies but in the smiles, the hands up and the energy that surrounds me during each of my sets.

I’m not the kind of guy to settle with one style of music, quality is everywhere, so I always make sure to take advantage of it.

My technique, my scratch and my musical knowledge allow me to grow within any musical trends. So why not?

This open mind, those innovative musical ideas and those references from everywhere always give my sets a unique vibe.

The stage is my ultimate playground, the result of hours of hard and dedicated work spent in a studio or behind my deck.

But I also express myself throughout other means: as a coach at the “Ecole de DJs UCPA” in Lyon or within various other projects.

Creativity, dynamism and determination have always been essential from the beginning. 

They still today, help me to constantly innovate, lookout for exciting new projects and carry on my artistic development.


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